External Fire Escape Staircase Painting – Tarmac

Our clients at Tarmac, located in Mountsorrell, Leicestershire, wanted a higher visibility finish to their staircases to ensure all on site personnel had the best chance of safe escape in the event of a fire. The overhaul of these staircases offered more longevity, safety compliance as well as looking much better aesthetically

Why Get Them Re-Painted?

Enhanced Visibility

In case of a fire, smoke, and flames can obscure the fire escape’s location, making it difficult to locate for those who need it. The high-visibility paint used in fire-escape painting ensures that the structure stands out and is easy to find, even in low-light conditions.

Increased Durability

Fire-escape structures are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Over time, the metal can rust, corrode, and weaken, compromising the structure’s integrity. By painting the metal with a protective coating, fire-escape painting helps to prevent rust and corrosion, making the structure more durable and long-lasting.