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Emergency Repair? - no problem!

If the unexpected happens and you require an emergency repair to your roof Integrity Facilities Management understands the importance of an expedient response and completion regarding any work required. This helps limit further damage to your premises or facility, whilst mitigating any safety issues and safeguarding stock. As professional commercial roofing contractors, we understand that such an occurrence may cause distress and disruption to your business operations. Therefore, our emergency call out service incorporates both temporary and full repairs. Following water ingress damage, we also carry out reinstatement works as required.

This includes;

  • Repairing water damaged ceilings
  • Plastering
  • Painting and Decorating
  • General building repair
  • Carpet Replacements

Storm and flood damage repairs (in addition to temporary roof repairs) have been areas of our expertise for many years and we have a team of experts available 24/7.

Our Roofing Services

Integrity Facilities Management offers you a no-obligation roof survey to ascertain your concerns and identify both the problem and its solution. Our initial inspection is conducted by an experienced member of the team, who is highly experienced in all types of commercial roofing repairs. We establish the exact nature of the repair required and provide full written quotations (which may be used as an insurance quotation, should this be required). We can assure confidence in the information, advice, knowledge and skills we provide and in the product quality we provide.

Occasionally, situations arise wherein a roof is proving costly to maintain in the long-term, with repeated roof repairs having been completed; in these instances, it may be prudent and more cost-effective to respond by replacing this with a new roof. As professional commercial roofing contractors, Integrity Facilities Management provides a full range of options designed to match you and your business’ individual requirements; a new roof is not always as expensive as may be anticipated. Our commercial roofing team are experienced in all roofing constructions and materials. If you have damaged slates or tiles that need replacing or perhaps you are in need of a complete new roof covering, we will ensure that your premises maintain its functionality and character.

Integrity Facilities Management understand that having to address industrial and commercial roofing issues can on occasion make you feel cautious or overwhelmed and, in response to this, we ensure a hassle-free approach to providing free written quotations for your roofing, guttering, fascia’s, soffits and roof-lights. Unlike most commercial roofing contractors, we do not employ sales rep’s nor promote any specific products or manufacturer; this is not part of our company’s ethos. Instead, we provide you with friendly, honest, clear and professional inspection and prices.

The Integrity Promise

Our pricing promise is simple; we will provide you with the best price and workmanship for any works proposed using quality materials.

Roof Repair

Integrity Facilities Management has extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of industrial and commercial roofing and our experience informs us that early identification and response to roofing repairs prevents or reduces more costly interventions in the long-term. We are able to provide remedial repairs to areas of your roof; thereby extending roof longevity and ensuring value for money.
A metal, black gutter on a roof covered with ceramic tiles. Close up shot.

Guttering, Downpipes & Rainwater Systems

The main purpose of roof guttering is to protect a building’s foundation by channelling water away from its base.  Integrity Facilities Management can advise you on improving, updating or even simply maintaining your guttering, to create the most effective rainwater systems, thereby minimising ingress water damage or erosion. 

Flat roof installation with propane blowtorch during construction works with roofing felt

Felt & Flat Roofs

Integrity Facilities Management possesses extensive experience in flat roof provision, offering assistance regarding any aspect of your flat roof structures; including design, materials and installation. We are able to advise you regarding appropriate flat roofing choices including insulation, local climate and durability all conforming to established regulations.

Liquid Roof Repairs / System

Liquid roofing systems are an increasingly popular solution for protecting and waterproofing buildings. These systems involve the application of a liquid coating over the existing roof, which then cures to form a durable, seamless membrane. This membrane provides excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and thermal shock, making it an effective long-term solution for roof maintenance.

Integrity Facilities Management has extensive experience in the application of liquid roofing systems. We specialise in the installation of these systems. using only the best, industry leading materials for the job.  Our team is trained to assess the specific needs of a structure and approach each job with an open mind to rectify any issues on site.

Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits not only provide extra protection for your building, they also add the finishing touch that makes your building look aesthetically pleasing and may even add value.

We offer a wide range of solutions for this service.


The renewal of cladding and corrugated roofing creates an opportunity to upgrade the insulation of your building and form a new weather-tight roof or walls. Whether you require a whole roof repair or over-cladding an existing roof and walls, our team can provide you with a cost-effective solution.