Supply and Installation of Uniquely Fabricated Knee Rails – Retail Park, Staffordshire

Known as a knee rail due to its height many commercial properties look to these installations to protect their boundaries and to stop the public waking or driving where they shouldn’t. Historically installed wooden knee rails at one of our clients sites in Staffordshire began to perish. This can be caused by; weathering, vegetation growth and movement due to the public resting/standing on them. A site survey was carried out by Integrity to propose and agree on a sufficient and durable replacement for the perimeter.

Due to its weatherable properties and strength it was agreed that a stainless steel galvanised trip rail was the best option. Integrity worked closely with its suppliers to manufacture a bespoke fabrication which was finished in a powder coated black. This was a large scale installation carried out with high efficiency to ensure that security of site was upheld whilst still being ascetically pleasing.

Project Details

Location: Staffordshire