Integrity Facilities Management Achieve SafeContractor Accreditation Once Again!

Sep 16, 2022 | Accreditation

Integrity Facilities Management are proud to announce that we are once again achieved SafeContractor accreditation for the year 2022!

At Integrity, the safety of our staff, engineers and the general public is always at the forefront of our minds. From the planning stages of a project to when our engineers arrive on site, each part of our jobs are meticulously designed to ensure that all involved, indirectly or directly, will remain safe at all times.

What exactly is SafeContractor?

SafeContractor is a third-party organization set up in 1999 in order to recognize and reward UK contracts for their high standards and commitment to ensuring health and safety. In order to become SafeContractor accredited, business must partake in an extensive vetting process that analyses a business’s track record with health and safety as well as how they conduct risk assessments for works they undertake. Only after these checks can a company be regarded as a SafeContractor.

After becoming accredited, the business is added to a database of companies that meet SafeContractors high standers. This which can be searched according by users on their site.

What does being SafeContractor accredited mean for us and our Clients?

SafeContractor accreditation is very important both to us at Integrity and to the Clients we serve on a daily basis. Having achieved this award consistently over the course of the past few years it helps to shows our continuing commitment to keep everyone safe when we are on-site completing a job. Being a SafeContractor provides our Clients the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that we will go above and beyond to ensure that our safe working area are exactly that, safe.

Though we have achieved SafeContractor accreditation again, we will continue to strive for great safety for all parties as we provide for our Clients.

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