Electrical Works From IFM

We at Integrity aspire to always aim to provide a complete package for our clients, providing the broadest range of services to meet any changes our clients face day to day. One of the many ways we provide for our clients is through our electrical works. Here are just a few of the many services we provide in order to keep our clients operating at full efficiency.

Lighting Upgrades

Fluorescent and Incandescent lighting fittings were once a mainstay of commercial and residual properties. Now with the advent of more cost-effective and energy-efficient options such as LEDs, many people are looking to upgrade and future proof their properties. Our engineers can carry out a full survey of your current lighting set up and suggest the best options to ensure your property is fitted with cost effective solutions suited to your specific needs.

Reactive Works

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan, and you need to get things sorted fast. Maybe you’ve had a roof leak and water is tracking in towards your light fittings or you suffered a sudden loss of power to your building. Our electrical engineers have the skills needed to prompt assess and carry out the most appropriate.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

PPMs are the best way to keep your equipment and premises safe for use and fully compliant with current regulations. Emergency Light Testing and PAT Testing are an essential part of this process. Ensuring your Emergency Lights are regularly checked means that in the event of a fire, staff and the general public can vacate the property swiftly and safely. PAT Testing protects users from electric shock and equipment malfunction. Regular testing of appliances ensures you know if an item is safe to use or remains fit for purpose. Integrity FM has a long history of providing compliance checks of this nature and would be happy to assist you in your PPM provision for other electrical works.

Find out more about the other services we provide by contacting us at fm@integrityfm-uk.com or alternatively, call us on 0121 289 3148.