Harness Training

At Integrity, safety is always at the forefront of what we do, both for the public and our employees. We provide our engineers with the best training possible to ensure they can work safely and efficiently.

Most recently, our team received harness training from an industry leading training provider.

Following the training, one of our engineers said “it feels good to be part of a business that want to do things right. By receiving this and other training courses, I feel confident that myself and the rest of the team will be able to perform our roles safely”.

Where will Integrity engineers use this training?

Harness training is integral to maintaining safety while working at heights. Jobs such as gutter repairs, roof repairs and recovering at high levels will require this equipment and training to be utilised. Harness training and equipment will also be employed when using a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform), such as a scissor lift or cheery picker, if the circumstances require their use.

Is your property in need of high-level work?

Integrity Facilities Management has extensive experience in surveying and completing roofing works and other high-level services and would be more than happy to provide your property with a FREE survey.

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Why Flicker Testing is so Important

All commercial property owners have a series of obligations to meet. One of which is ensuring the property’s emergency lighting functions correctly. One way of doing this is carrying out ‘flicker testing’. But what exactly is a flicker test? Let’s shed some light on that for you.…if you will pardon the pun!

What is a flicker test?

Flicker testing involves turning off all the lights in the property via a test key switch and walking around the property while recording any faults identified during the test. Testing times can vary depending on the size of the property and should be conducted monthly and a three hour ‘drain down’ of the lights should be carried out annually.

Work to resolve faults that affect the efficiency of the Emergency lighting should be carried out as a matter of urgency. This is to ensure the safety of those present within the property in the event of a power failure and the building being plunged into darkness.

Why is a flicker test so important?

Businesses and other public spaces are required by law to ensure emergency lighting is present and functioning within a building. This is so the building can be evacuated safely and efficiently should there be a severe power cut or fire. Ultimately, having regular tests conducted by a trained electrical engineer provides a business with peace of mind, knowing that if something unexpected occurred, the emergency lighting will function as intended and enable personnel to evacuate safely.

Does your property require a flicker test?

Integrity can provide your property with regular flicker testing to keep your property compliant and safe for all. Please click on the link here where you can find out more about our electrical services.

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Reactive Repairs: When the Unexpected Happens, you can rely on Integrity

Sometimes the unexpected can really set you back. Maybe a roof or some pipework has started leaking, a door handle has fallen off or perhaps a boiler has broken down. Whatever the issue is, time is most certainly of the essence, and at Integrity, you can always rely on us to get your issues rectified quickly.

What is a Reactive Repair?

Reactive repairs, are works conducted with no prior planning, following a breakdown or sudden appearance of an issue. These types of problems can occur at any time, especially if your property or equipment isn’t regularly checked and maintained. Because of the scope reactive repair covers, each job is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to make sure that every unique issue receives the proper solution.

Integrity prides itself on being able to sort your problem out as soon as possible. 

Some of the services we provide on reactive repairs include;

  • Plumbing
  • Roof repair and leak response
  • Carpentry
  • Re-fix of ceiling grids
  • Automated doors
  • Fire exit doors
  • Emergency board-up
  • Glass replacements
  • Blocked drains
  • Trip hazards
  • Pothole repairs

Can Integrity Help me in an Emergency?

In some instances, a more rapid response may be required to address an issue promptly. For this reason, Integrity also has the capacity to provide an emergency call-out cover.

Time matters more than anything when it comes to an emergency, which is why we aim to be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call out. Furthermore, we offer call out support for our clients, making sure whatever the issue or whenever the unforeseen strikes, you can always rely on Integrity to provide speedy expertise.

To find out more about our reactive repair works click on the link here.

If you feel you are in need of reactive repairs, you can contact us at fm@integrityfm-uk.com or call 0121 289 3148 during working hours. For an out-of-hours response, please call 07947734888 or 07803523093.

Integrity Facilities Management Achieve SafeContractor Accreditation Once Again!

Integrity Facilities Management are proud to announce that we are once again achieved SafeContractor accreditation for the year 2022!

At Integrity, the safety of our staff, engineers and the general public is always at the forefront of our minds. From the planning stages of a project to when our engineers arrive on site, each part of our jobs are meticulously designed to ensure that all involved, indirectly or directly, will remain safe at all times.

What exactly is SafeContractor?

SafeContractor is a third-party organization set up in 1999 in order to recognize and reward UK contracts for their high standards and commitment to ensuring health and safety. In order to become SafeContractor accredited, business must partake in an extensive vetting process that analyses a business’s track record with health and safety as well as how they conduct risk assessments for works they undertake. Only after these checks can a company be regarded as a SafeContractor.

After becoming accredited, the business is added to a database of companies that meet SafeContractors high standers. This which can be searched according by users on their site.

What does being SafeContractor accredited mean for us and our Clients?

SafeContractor accreditation is very important both to us at Integrity and to the Clients we serve on a daily basis. Having achieved this award consistently over the course of the past few years it helps to shows our continuing commitment to keep everyone safe when we are on-site completing a job. Being a SafeContractor provides our Clients the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that we will go above and beyond to ensure that our safe working area are exactly that, safe.

Though we have achieved SafeContractor accreditation again, we will continue to strive for great safety for all parties as we provide for our Clients.

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Roof Surveys and The Importance to Your Business

Protect Your Assets with a Roof Survey

Over time a roof will naturally begin to deteriorate as the materials age and become weathered, suffering damage from storms and general wear and tear. Without regular checks on your roof, a leak or structural damage could go unseen for an extended period, leaving the damage to grow until it’s too late. This can easily result in damage to equipment due to leaks, such as computers as well as the loss of paper-based records and an extensive list of costs. In extreme cases, a poorly maintained roof can lead to a collapse of a portion or the whole roof.

By getting your roof surveyed, you could save yourself a world of trouble not having to replace costly equipment and repair building damage.

Saving Money in the Long-term

Roof Surveys normally come with their own cost; this however, is much cheaper than having to pay for repairs which otherwise could have been prevented. Regular roof surveys allow for potential issues to be detected sooner, which ultimately can make any repairs cheaper as any damage will be caught before the materials have had time to wear away more.

If a roof has not been maintained properly for an extended period of time, it could lead to the building requiring a full roof replacement or more extensive and expensive repairs being necessary. Considering this, the small cost associated with a roof survey is worth it considering that the alternative could be without regular maintenance.

Given the nice weather, now is the best time to get your roof surveyed so that any repairs can be done before the horrible weather drifts in. Far too many businesses leave it too late and act when issues arise rather than addressing the problem(s) straight away.

Integrity are here to help your business stay safe, secure and free from worry. We are also offering a FREE Roof Survey to anyone with or managing a commercial type property.

Find out more about our roofing services here.

Find out more about the services we provide by contacting us at fm@integrityfm-uk.com or call 0121 289 3148.