Building Compliance by Integrity FM

It is a statutory responsibility for non-domestic properties to conduct regular testing and maintenance on various aspects of the premises. These regular checks are in place to ensure that the property is safe for staff or the public to use without the risk of avoidable incidents occurring. Here, you will find a selection of some of the services Integrity can provide to aid you in your building compliance.

Water Treatment

Ensuring that water in your property is safe to use is vital in keeping your building running smoothly. Water treatment helps to ensure that your water is safe to drink and interact with by testing for legionella and other microbes which could be harmful to staff and the general public. In the event of legionella being detected in your water, a contractor can advise on remedial actions in order to flush this out of the system, making your water safe again.

Water treatment also involves temperature testing, which is important in making sure the water is flowing at the correct temperatures. Regularly checking the temperatures of your water helps to manage the risk of Legionella but also ensures that water is not flowing too hot that it could scold users while in operation.

Water Treatment should be carried out on a monthly basis to have the maximum effect on mitigating risks.

Fire Door Inspections

Fire Doors are an integral part of a building’s fire safety strategy. Fire doors stop the rapid spread of fire throughout a building and provide more time for people to evacuate and for the emergency services to arrive and put out the fire. Fire doors, especially in high-traffic areas, will suffer wear and tear over time such as cracks, holes or even splits from stress or impact. Due to the importance of fire doors to building safety, issues like these can void fire doors, meaning the door will require replacing in order to keep your building up to code.

Integrity can carry out Fire Door Inspections on your doors across site and conduct any repairs and replacements to your fire doors if they do not meet safety standards. For best practice, inspections should be carried out biannually.

PAT Testing

Modern offices are filled to the brim with electrical appliances in order to make our work more efficient. These assets are an important asset in the modern workplace; however, it is important to get these assets evaluated regularly as well.

The purpose of PAT Testing is to protect users from electric shock and equipment malfunction. By regularly testing your appliances, you can find out whether or not an item is safe to use. Regular testing can identify issues with electrical devices meaning they can be either fixed or replaced, preventing the risk of injury to users. PAT Testing has the added benefit of informing you of issues before they turn into major faults, allowing for remedial work to take place or replacements to be sourced, mitigating the effect on your business and productivity.

It is recommended that businesses carry out PAT Testing every 12 months to remain compliant with current regulations.

Emergency Light Testing

Building compliance also extends to emergency light testing. The installation and maintenance of emergency lights within your property is a statutory requirement and should be regulatory tested. Emergency lights are used to light up the internals of your building when there is a power failure. Emergency lights make it possible for those within premises to vacate a property during a fire where a building may be plunged into darkness so they can move around safely.

Due to the need to keep your emergency lights in good working condition year round, emergency light tests should be carried out monthly alongside an annual 3-hour drain down test to keep your building ready for the unexpected.

Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers play an essential role in providing a rapid response to fires and assist in controlling a fire, so it does not spread. Given their importance to site safety, companies have a responsibility to regularly carry out checks and servicing of these assets.

During an inspection, an engineer will check for signs of corrosion caused by the contents of the extinguisher which could lead to the failure of the extinguisher. General wear and tear over time can also mean your extinguishers are non-compliant. Dents, cracks, and scratches in the casing, as well as damage to the hose, can affect the integrity of the extinguisher, leading to leaks and loss of pressure. Damage to the identifying label could also lead to misidentification of the type of extinguisher when it matters most.

Maintenance visits should be carried out annually in order to meet legal standards, however, visual inspections should also be conducted regularly for best practice.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments are also a statutory requirement for non-domestic buildings. The purpose of an FRA is twofold, to ensure that all eventualities are reviewed in order to protect the property, and the people within. During an assessment, a registered assessor will carry out a full inspection of the building, taking into account existing fire prevention measures and warning systems, existing firefighting equipment, escape routes, evacuation plans and more to compile a report with recommendations for remedial works and amendments to existing plans.

There is no specified time or period when a Fire Risk Assessment should be conducted, however, FRA’s should be reviewed regularly to account for any changes in the building which should be included In the Fire Risk Assessment.

If your property is in need of compliance checks, trust Integrity For building compliance. IFM has a lengthy history of compliance related servicing as well as remedial works following maintenance visits.

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Electrical Works From IFM

We at Integrity aspire to always aim to provide a complete package for our clients, providing the broadest range of services to meet any changes our clients face day to day. One of the many ways we provide for our clients is through our electrical works. Here are just a few of the many services we provide in order to keep our clients operating at full efficiency.

Lighting Upgrades

Fluorescent and Incandescent lighting fittings were once a mainstay of commercial and residual properties. Now with the advent of more cost-effective and energy-efficient options such as LEDs, many people are looking to upgrade and future proof their properties. Our engineers can carry out a full survey of your current lighting set up and suggest the best options to ensure your property is fitted with cost effective solutions suited to your specific needs.

Reactive Works

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan, and you need to get things sorted fast. Maybe you’ve had a roof leak and water is tracking in towards your light fittings or you suffered a sudden loss of power to your building. Our electrical engineers have the skills needed to prompt assess and carry out the most appropriate.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

PPMs are the best way to keep your equipment and premises safe for use and fully compliant with current regulations. Emergency Light Testing and PAT Testing are an essential part of this process. Ensuring your Emergency Lights are regularly checked means that in the event of a fire, staff and the general public can vacate the property swiftly and safely. PAT Testing protects users from electric shock and equipment malfunction. Regular testing of appliances ensures you know if an item is safe to use or remains fit for purpose. Integrity FM has a long history of providing compliance checks of this nature and would be happy to assist you in your PPM provision for other electrical works.

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Why Your Business Needs a Facilities Management Company

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, it’s crucial for companies to focus on their core competencies. This often requires outsourcing tasks to professionals with the right expertise and skills. Facilities management is a vital area, where partnering with a reputable company can greatly benefit your business. We will explore the main reasons why your business needs a facilities management company and how it can improve your premises overall.

Expertise and Experience

Facilities management companies specialise in efficiently managing and maintaining your business infrastructure. With their wealth of expertise and experience, they are equipped to handle diverse challenges that arise across your property, regardless of scope and size. Whether it’s optimising energy consumption, implementing sustainable practices, or ensuring safety compliance, a facilities management company has the knowledge and resources to tackle these issues effectively.

Cost Savings

Managing facilities in-house can be expensive, considering the need for specialised staff, equipment, and tools. By partnering with a facilities management company, you can benefit from economies of scale, as they already have the necessary resources and infrastructure in place. This leads to significant cost savings for your business, allowing you to allocate more funds towards your core business.

Enhanced Efficiency

Facilities management involves a range of tasks, including overseeing regular maintenance and repairs. By outsourcing these responsibilities, you free up valuable time and resources to be utilised more efficiently. A facilities management company ensures smooth operations, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity. They can also provide round-the-clock support and emergency services, ensuring your facilities are maintained optimally.

Tailored Solutions

Every business has unique facility requirements. Reputable FM companies understand this and work closely with you to design customised solutions that align with your specific needs. Whether you operate a small office, a manufacturing facility, or a large corporate complex, they can adapt their services to suit your organisation’s size, goals, and budget.

Risk Mitigation

Facilities management involves inherent risks, including accidents, equipment failures, and security breaches. Facilities management companies take on the responsibility of mitigating these risks. They conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that your proptey aisre secure, compliant, and in a safe working environment. This provides peace of mind to both business owners and employees.

Focus on Core Business

By engaging with a facilities management company, your business to concentrate on its core aspects. Through partnering with experts in this field, you can leverage their knowledge and skills, while your team can prioritise tasks that directly contribute to your business growth. This allows for a more streamlined and efficient operation, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

Partnering with a facilities management company can bring numerous benefits to your business. From cost savings to risk mitigation, Integrity can help you to focus on your core business while our experts handle the maintenance and optimisation of your business infrastructure. By investing in professional facilities management solutions, you create a solid foundation for sustainable growth and success.

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Quick Fixes and Beyond: What a Handyman in Birmingham Can Do for You

At Integrity, we pride ourselves on being able to ensure that regardless of what the job is big or small, we will always deliver for our clients. Part of how we ensure our client’s properties run smoothly is by making sure that the little things don’t stack up by providing our handyman services across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

What is a handyman?

A handyman is a tradesman who is able to turn their hand to any task presented to them. A handyman needs to be multiskilled and have a wealth of experience in a number of areas, from first fix plumbing to carpentry and joinery. Handymen are well equipped for any task they are given and possess the knowledge and expertise to solve any issues promptly.  At Integrity, our engineers are all multiskilled, making them your best solution to whatever comes your way.

What kind of work does a handyman carry out?

Given the nature of the role, a handyman can be tasked with completing a number of tasks, making the pool of possible works very broad. A handyman is typically tasked with reactive jobs which are small in size, but would otherwise be left untreated compared to larger other types of work. Works like these can easily mount up, so it is always best Examples of this could be a leaking tap, or a broken door handle. Though these jobs are minor, if left for an extended period, these jobs could affect your commercial property adversely in the long term. Relying on a trusted handyman gives you the peace of mind that the little things are in good hands with a professional handyman.

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Site Clearance by Integrity FM

What is a site clearance?

A site clearance is the process of removing waste/relocating equipment from a premises. Typically a site clearance is conducted to remove excessive waste and debris from an area to enable construction works or to facilitate the arrival of a new tenant. However, site clearances can also include the relocation of equipment, such as furniture and IT appliances to a new site.

What can a site clearance do for you?

As site clearances are often utilised to ensure free access to a property, relying on a good contractor to clear your site will ensure you meet your requirements if you are vacating a property. Site clearances can also make your ground more attractive to potential clients and buyers if you are selling the land.

If you are using a contractor to clear your site rather an organising things yourself, you can save yourself time and money which could be better spent on other parts of your business. Integrity will engage with any necessary third parties, such as skip hire and waste management companies, on your behalf to remove any waste from site promptly and with the utmost care given to your premises.

What types of site clearance can Integrity conduct?

Our experienced engineers have taken part in a number of site clearances, providing them with the experience necessary to carry out your site clearance safely and efficiently. Some of the types of site clearances we can carry out include…

  • Removal of vegetation
  • Remove and relocate office equipment
  • Removal of waste and debris from site
  • Decommission electrics
  • Removal of containers
  • Disposal of waste

At Integrity, we know that each site is different and needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, we always endeavour to have a detailed walk around site so we can fully understand your site and tailor our work to meet your requirements.

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