Fire Door Installations By Integrity FM

Sep 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

Fire Doors are an essential part of keeping your property safe and secure. They come in several shapes and size, but all are built with one thing in mind, in the event of a fire your tenants, employees and your asses are kept away from harm. For this reason, it is crucial for you to know as much as possible to ensure that you too are as prepared as possible for an eventuality.

What are fire doors?

Fire doors are specially designed doors that are built to withstand fire and prevent it from spreading throughout a property for as long as possible. It is a legal requirement for business, commercial and industrial properties to install fire doors as part of their Fire Risk Management Strategy.

Fire doors can either be made of timber or steel and typically come in FD30 (30 minutes of fire resistance) and FD60 (60 minutes of fire resistance). The size, capacity and function of your site, will determine which fire door and its composition is best suited for your needs.

What fire door might I need?

Every site Is different and should be approved uniquely when it comes to any self and safety plan, especially in terms of fire-related risk. If for instance your site is relatively small and a swift evacuation process can be enacted when needed, you may just need FD30 doors installed. However, if your site is much larger and hosts a large number of people frequently, FD60 doors will likely be more appropriate as it will generally take longer to evacuate fully.

The composition of the door can also affect the choice of the Fire door you make. Metal fire doors are often used as external doors or within industrial sites as they have greater resistance to the elements and a higher temperature tolerance. For this reason, they are perfect for industrial sites that deal with chemicals, gases and generally high temperatures. Metal Fire doors also have the added benefit of enhancing security, especially when replacing an older timber external door.

How can Integrity help me?

All our engineers have extensive experience installing a variety of fire doors in different shapes, sizes and compositions, taking the time to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout your install from start to finish.

Find out more about the other services we provide by contacting us at or alternatively, call us on 0121 289 3148.