Roof Surveys and The Importance to Your Business

Protect Your Assets with a Roof Survey

Over time a roof will naturally begin to deteriorate as the materials age and become weathered, suffering damage from storms and general wear and tear. Without regular checks on your roof, a leak or structural damage could go unseen for an extended period, leaving the damage to grow until it’s too late. This can easily result in damage to equipment due to leaks, such as computers as well as the loss of paper-based records and an extensive list of costs. In extreme cases, a poorly maintained roof can lead to a collapse of a portion or the whole roof.

By getting your roof surveyed, you could save yourself a world of trouble not having to replace costly equipment and repair building damage.

Saving Money in the Long-term

Roof Surveys normally come with their own cost; this however, is much cheaper than having to pay for repairs which otherwise could have been prevented. Regular roof surveys allow for potential issues to be detected sooner, which ultimately can make any repairs cheaper as any damage will be caught before the materials have had time to wear away more.

If a roof has not been maintained properly for an extended period of time, it could lead to the building requiring a full roof replacement or more extensive and expensive repairs being necessary. Considering this, the small cost associated with a roof survey is worth it considering that the alternative could be without regular maintenance.

Given the nice weather, now is the best time to get your roof surveyed so that any repairs can be done before the horrible weather drifts in. Far too many businesses leave it too late and act when issues arise rather than addressing the problem(s) straight away.

Integrity are here to help your business stay safe, secure and free from worry. We are also offering a FREE Roof Survey to anyone with or managing a commercial type property.

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