Site Clearance by Integrity FM

What is a site clearance?

A site clearance is the process of removing waste/relocating equipment from a premises. Typically a site clearance is conducted to remove excessive waste and debris from an area to enable construction works or to facilitate the arrival of a new tenant. However, site clearances can also include the relocation of equipment, such as furniture and IT appliances to a new site.

What can a site clearance do for you?

As site clearances are often utilised to ensure free access to a property, relying on a good contractor to clear your site will ensure you meet your requirements if you are vacating a property. Site clearances can also make your ground more attractive to potential clients and buyers if you are selling the land.

If you are using a contractor to clear your site rather an organising things yourself, you can save yourself time and money which could be better spent on other parts of your business. Integrity will engage with any necessary third parties, such as skip hire and waste management companies, on your behalf to remove any waste from site promptly and with the utmost care given to your premises.

What types of site clearance can Integrity conduct?

Our experienced engineers have taken part in a number of site clearances, providing them with the experience necessary to carry out your site clearance safely and efficiently. Some of the types of site clearances we can carry out include…

  • Removal of vegetation
  • Remove and relocate office equipment
  • Removal of waste and debris from site
  • Decommission electrics
  • Removal of containers
  • Disposal of waste

At Integrity, we know that each site is different and needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, we always endeavour to have a detailed walk around site so we can fully understand your site and tailor our work to meet your requirements.

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