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Integrity Facilities Management are currently recruiting multiskilled tradesmen to join our team. If you think you have the attributes to be part of our professional, high-calibre FM Company please forward your CV to… or alternatively, call the office on 0121 289 3148.

Drainage Surveys by Integrity FM

What is a drainage survey?

A drainage survey allows our engineers to explore drainage systems in depth, where it would otherwise be difficult to identify faults in pipework without carrying out more intrusive works. These surveys are carried out through the use of a specialist camera which is manoeuvred through the drainage system. This camera allows our engineers to see a live video camera feed of the system as it travels through the drain.

This allows for issues to be identified in greater detail so that the appropriate course of action can be taken to rectify them.

When might I need a drainage survey?

A camera drain survey can be used to identify blockages, leaks, cracks and other related pipework and drainage issues within a building. Blockages within a drainage system will often produce foul smells and leaks. This can make it very difficult for businesses to operate, for example, blockages on shop floors of supermarkets producing foul smells can be a deterrent for shoppers.

A benefit of a camera survey is that it can allow an engineer to ascertain and understand issues further down a run of pipework that cannot be seen from ground level. This allows us to gain a greater understanding of the configuration of the pipework which can allow us to put a plan in place to take the necessary actions to rectify and prevent issues occurring in the future.

What are the benefits of drainage surveys?

One of the many benefits of having drainage camera surveys carried out is that it enables you to gain a greater understanding and idea of the pipework configuration in the property in situations where the original drainage drawings are not available.

Camera surveys are also extremely efficient, with the live video feed function, it allows the engineer to identify issues in the pipework in real-time meaning that solutions and feedback can be provided in a swift manner to the necessary parties.

Drainage surveys are also unintrusive due to the use of the camera, this alleviates the need for extensive excavation works to be carried out in order to access sections of pipework and investigate. This means that your business suffers the minimal amount of disruption possible due to the need for any intrusive works being negated in the investigation stage.

Is your business in need of a drainage survey? Integrity can conduct your survey swiftly, provide feedback, and carry out any necessary repairs to your drainage system.

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Electrical Support from IFM

Ensuring the functionality of your properties Electrical Items, is vital to the smooth operation of your business. Please feel free to have a read through the below information which provides you with some useful information and outlines some of our electrical services we undertake.

Ensuring the electrics within your place of work are safe to use is a legal requirement for all businesses’.

Machinery, outlets, switches and any other items which has power running through it must be maintained, upgraded or replaced to keep you and your staff safe.

Reactive repairs

IFM will aim to respond quickly and look to rectify and issues. Our phonelines are available to take calls 24 hours a day and we will look to get any follow up works completed swiftly to get your business back up and fully functional.

PAT testing

One way to ensure your electrical equipment is safe for use is by performing a PAT test. PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) can go a long way to provide peace of mind through regularly testing your appliances and equipment for faults by trained electricians on an annual basis. PAT testing will ensure you remain compliment with regulations as well as make sure your equipment is running optimally and safely.

Improving your lighting

You may also wish to revamp the lighting within your office and commercial space. The aesthetic of commercial buildings and offices impacts the options of staff and customers alike. Furthermore, many businesses still using older incandescent or fluorescent lighting have been gradually phasing these out in favour of LED bulbs and units. LEDs can produce the same luminescence while using less energy and producing less heat while in use. This has the added benefit of reducing energy costs as well as lowering your property’s carbon footprint.

Expanding capacity

Installing additional power outlets has the added benefit of safety as well as expanding your property’s capacity for electronics. Some businesses in an attempt to expand the number of outlets they have use extension leads. Though not a problem itself, when the extension lead is filled with plugs, in some cases, people add another extension lead onto the existing one, which creates a high risk of overloading. Overloading could result in a blown fuse or fire in some cases. Installing additional outlets removes this risk and future-proofs your building should you procure addental appliances and peripherals.

What Electrical Services Does Integrity Provide?

Integrity offers a wide variety of electrical services which can go a long way to improve the aesthetic of your property and your facility’s capacity. Here are some of the services we can provide for you and your business

  • Socket replacement/installation
  • Board installation
  • Power isolation
  • External & internal lighting installation
  • Emergency light testing
  • Surveys
  • PAT testing

Is your business in need of electrical services? Integrity can provide you with an electrical survey, as well as carry out any work to replace and improve your building for the better.

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Harness Training

At Integrity, safety is always at the forefront of what we do, both for the public and our employees. We provide our engineers with the best training possible to ensure they can work safely and efficiently.

Most recently, our team received harness training from an industry leading training provider.

Following the training, one of our engineers said “it feels good to be part of a business that want to do things right. By receiving this and other training courses, I feel confident that myself and the rest of the team will be able to perform our roles safely”.

Where will Integrity engineers use this training?

Harness training is integral to maintaining safety while working at heights. Jobs such as gutter repairs, roof repairs and recovering at high levels will require this equipment and training to be utilised. Harness training and equipment will also be employed when using a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform), such as a scissor lift or cheery picker, if the circumstances require their use.

Is your property in need of high-level work?

Integrity Facilities Management has extensive experience in surveying and completing roofing works and other high-level services and would be more than happy to provide your property with a FREE survey.

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Why Flicker Testing is so Important

All commercial property owners have a series of obligations to meet. One of which is ensuring the property’s emergency lighting functions correctly. One way of doing this is carrying out ‘flicker testing’. But what exactly is a flicker test? Let’s shed some light on that for you.…if you will pardon the pun!

What is a flicker test?

Flicker testing involves turning off all the lights in the property via a test key switch and walking around the property while recording any faults identified during the test. Testing times can vary depending on the size of the property and should be conducted monthly and a three hour ‘drain down’ of the lights should be carried out annually.

Work to resolve faults that affect the efficiency of the Emergency lighting should be carried out as a matter of urgency. This is to ensure the safety of those present within the property in the event of a power failure and the building being plunged into darkness.

Why is a flicker test so important?

Businesses and other public spaces are required by law to ensure emergency lighting is present and functioning within a building. This is so the building can be evacuated safely and efficiently should there be a severe power cut or fire. Ultimately, having regular tests conducted by a trained electrical engineer provides a business with peace of mind, knowing that if something unexpected occurred, the emergency lighting will function as intended and enable personnel to evacuate safely.

Does your property require a flicker test?

Integrity can provide your property with regular flicker testing to keep your property compliant and safe for all. Please click on the link here where you can find out more about our electrical services.

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